24 April 2009

Shuhada Street

This is a great site for information about Shuhada Street in the Tel Rumeida section of Hebron.

Just briefly, Shuhada Street was the main street for business and activities in Hebron. After the massacre in 1994 by Goldstein, all shops on Shuhada were ordered closed and vehicular traffic prohibited by Israel. This left many people unable to work. Those who live along Shuhada Street are no longer allowed to exit and enter their home via this way. They are forced to walk as far as a mile or more around the city to pass through checkpoints to get to their back doors. I once escorted a very kind woman who had an Israeli government pass to walk along Shuhada Street to enter her home. We were held up at a checkpoint. The soldiers eventually allowed us to pass and enter. However, they told us to not exit the same way. It was a very tense and stressful situation.

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