28 April 2007

Palestinians in Iraq- Where will they go?

This is an interesting and sad article about the plight of Palestinians in Iraq. Imagine being a people who no one wants. They have no where to run home to and no one to let them in during times of war. These Palestinians apparently went to Iraq in 1948 but have never been granted citizenship and are still considered refugees generations later. The article also briefly touches upon how the surrounding countries around Iraq have been affected due to taking in refugess. What a mess!

U.S. State Dept Pushes for Palestinian Resettlement in Iraq

27 April 2007


I stand accused of being anti-jewish and anti-Israel. I refute this fact and am deeply saddened by this accusation. For anyone reading this blog I formally state that I am not anti-jewish nor anti-Israel. I am however for the humane treatment of Palestinians and all people on earth. There are many jewish people who also support this cause, so I am confused as to why I would stand accused. I suppose this is just another reason that I feel so strongly about getting involved first-hand. I would like to help show the truths about the situation, gain support for those who are actually suffering and bring about an awareness that it is okay to route for the Palestinians and not be anti-jewish/israel at the same time.
Here are some interesting facts about the meaning of the Palestinian flag.

26 April 2007

Hani's House

This is a video by Corine Dhondee about a Palestinian man named Hani and how his home was demolished illegally by the Israeli government in Jerusalem. It depicts the truth that we do not often hear about in mainstream media.

Hani's House

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24 April 2007


I created this blog to document my trip to Nablus, Palestine in July 2007. You will be able to read and share in my journey including the events and thoughts during the preparation stages through the trip itself and upon my return to the U.S. I expect this to be an extremely interesting, informative and life altering journey. I hope to do some good for the people of Palestine by providing educational services and by being a voice for them. I also hope to be able to communicate with the people on the other side of this situation, the Israelis, in order to develop a well-informed perspective on the situation. My main goal though is to help assist the Palestinians in any way possible so that they can be treated humanely. I am not a political person nor do I get involved in direct action. My only action will be to educate their children in English as well as yoga.

I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I expect to.

in peace