25 August 2008

Update on Free Gaza Movement

From the ISM website:

Free Gaza Movement is at sea again on the 8 mile limit off Gaza Harbour
August 25th, 2008 | Posted in Press Releases, International Actions, Gaza Region

For Immediate Release

SS Free Gaza, with six Palestinian fishermen’s boats, is 8-miles off the coast of Gaza, being circled by three Israeli Dabur naval vessels. No shots have been fired. The fishing boats are continuing to exercise their right to fish and have not turned round, but the Free Gaza has just now turned round (10.15 a.m.). The Oslo Accords allow Palestinian Gazans a 20-mile limit off the coast of the Gaza Strip. Currently the Navy is enforcing a 6 mile limit, so the Free Gaza Movement has broken that naval blockade, too.

Updates from Prof. Jeff Halper on a fishing boat (not on the Free Gaza): 0542 002 642 or Huwaida Arraf also on a fishing boat: 0599 130 426

Angela Godfrey-Goldstein - Media Team Free Gaza Movement - 0547-366 393 (www.freegaza.org)

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