30 June 2008

One year ago

I was in Palestine sitting under this tree

keeping the settlers away from Issa's house while sipping mint tea with my new house mates from all over the world and my new found lifetime Palestinian friends. Many hours were spent guarding the house while listening to the horrible stories of detainments, arrests and occupation that the Palestinians endured.

Now that an entire year has passed and the fog has cleared from my head and the summer is here and I don't have to work... I will finally write some more stories.


choose peace said...

Love your blog and heart! I am trying to find an opportunity to teach in Palestine? Can you offer any suggestions? Please email me. Kabush7333@comcast.net

choose peace said...

I love your blog and your heart! I am trying to find an opportunity to teach in Palestine. Can you offer any suggestions or contacts?

WestBankDiaries said...

You can try Project Hope for teaching in Nablus. Or you can work for the ISM and try to set something up on the side for teaching. It depends on what you want to teach and for how long. Email me at yogalina5 at yahoo for more information.